Champion of Comedy: Quarter-finals

Москва, StandUp Cafe

Some people are funny. Some people think they're funny. But only one is the funniest. Only one is - the Champion of Comedy.

Steal the Show is proud to present our annual stand-up tournament, that takes comedians of all genders, ages, nationalities, stage experience, and writing skills, and pits them against each other in a hilarious comedy knock-off until only one is left to be crowned the Champion of Comedy, raise the trophy, and earn 30.000 rubles in cash!

At the quarter-finals, 13 comedians will compete for your love and laughs, but only 6 hilarious comics will make it to the semi-finals! YOU decide who will go through!

Saturday, 27th of November, starting at 9:30 PM at StandUp Cafe!

🕐 Doors: 9 PM, Show starts: 9:30 PM
🚨 Number of seats is strictly limited! Buy tickets in advance at

🤑 Entrance is 400 online, 500 rub (at the doors)

❗Place: Moscow, StandUp Cafe, Pokrovka 16

ул. Покровка, 16
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